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Albuquerque Old West


Belly-up, cowboys and cowgirls, the Great Southwestern Antiques, Indian and Old West Show is gearing up for its fourth annual Albuquerque event this August 3-4 at the Lujan Center Fairgrounds. The show is one of the best of its kind in the city, with dealers offering impossibly fine selections at reasonable prices.
Organized by Cowboys & Indians shop owner Terry Schurmeier, the event highlights vintage Americana from Colonial times to the 1940s. Among items visitors can expect to find are textiles, pottery, bead work, art, advertising, books and other Old West antiques. Reproductions are strictly frowned on, so rest assured that everything you see will be vintage.
Schurmeier notes that part of the show's instant success was due to the dates, just a few days before (and a few hours away from) the internationally known Whitehawk & Associates back-to-back shows. But timing isn't everything. Terry has worked hard to bring in some of the most prominant, and fair-priced, dealers in Wild West and Old Mexico art, antiques and collectibles-- over 150, in fact, will be showing at this year's sold-out event.
Horse-traders are always welcome, so make plans now to be in Albuquerque for the Great Southwestern.
Nine o'clock admission for early morning shoppers is $75. The gate opens at 11:00 am for regular shoppers, admission is $6 per person or $10 for the weekend.
For more information on this fun show, and for data on lodging or auto rentals, contact Schurmeier at: