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After more than 20 years of acclaim in Mexican and American fashion circles, the Huichol Indian clothing designs of Alejandro Julian have come of age with an online presence and with a great variety.

It all began when a handsome youth from Guadalajara befriended a group of Huichol artisans. The young man was impressed by the intricate elegance of their traditionally embroidered vestments and asked them to stitch a few simple designs on his own shirts. Shortly thereafter he was on the road to becoming a fashion designer of men’s clothing. But this was only the beginning.



After reflecting on the simple yet elegantly decorated men’s shirts, it occurred to Julian to adapt the same designs to the world of women’s fashion. The result is a new line of clothing including dresses, blouses, pants, vests, skirts, jackets and coats which more than compliment his complete line for men.

During the 20 years, his clothing line has received praise in publications around the continent, not to mention from New York to México City.



Alejandro´s creations give the wearer a feeling of youthful freedom and vitality and have just the right touch of formality, making his fashions appropiate for almost any occasion. His clothing line takes into consideration any season and includes all the following fabrics: cotton, gauze, chiffon, twine, jute, sailcloth, burlap and wool.

Alejandro´s designs stand out in distinct dark colors, pasteles and whithes and are decorated with brilliantly contrasting symbols, stitches, patterns and threads. His clothing line is an authentic creation, unique in its use of Huichol symbols and craftsmanship.

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